Bubble Pipes and Sherlock Holmes
  • Those familiar with pipe smoking and Sherlock Holmes are aware of the
    association between these two. The famous fictional detective popularized the
    calabash pipe by smoking tobacco during his investigations and adventures. Today
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    several pipes have a water pipe design which resembles that old fabled calabash
    pipe popularized by stage representations of the famous detective. A type of
    Sherlock pipe which is fairly inexpensive is available. Sherlock pipes are water
    pipes that have similar physical characteristics to the original calabash pipe
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    easily spotted due to the shaped curve depicted by the whole pipe. While
    traditional pipes commonly look like a spoon, the Sherlock pipe curves downward
    from the mouth piece to the chamber and goes up again to form the letter
    Sherlock bubblers, however, are definitely collectors items. These pieces can be
    on par with the most expensive of pipe collectibles. They actually look like two
    glass pipes that can stand alone against each other with the bowl connecting
    them both in the middle Cheapest
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    . The opposite ends feature the different parts. One is
    where the stem is located while the other has the mouth piece. Bubbler pipes are
    different from other water pipes because of the material used for their
    construction as well as their size. Bubbler pipes are significantly larger than
    the average pipe. Certainly larger than anything Sherlock Holmes would have
    carried around. They are also made from a specific kind of glass material,
    Pyrex. Like other types of pipes made from glass, bubblers are full of style and
    are often collected and displayed. The function of a pipe is also a
    consideration when one is in the market to buy a pipe. Some pipes include the
    presence of a water element. A chamber is present which is filled with water.
    Tobacco or cigar smoke passes through this area before being released Cheap Cigarettes Near Me. The water
    filters the smoke and some claim this is able to lessen the ill effects of cigar
    and tobacco smoke. Another type of pipe, the steamroller pipe, does not include
    such a water element and is thought to be more harmful. Critics of the
    steamroller pipe argue that the smoke is unfiltered by water and is inhaled more
    directly. Some studies, however, have reported that regular pipe smoking poses
    the same level of danger to one health, regardless of the pipe type. To be sure
    Sherlock Holmes would be disappointed to learn the steamroller pipe has its
    detractors. While the stage portrayals of Holmes have increased the myth that he
    smoked a calabash pipe that notion is inconsistent with the Holmes of Sir Arthur
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    Several actors used a calabash pipe in the stage portrayals of Holmes in order
    to ensure the audience understood the prop to be a pipe. The Sherlock Holmes of
    literature preferred harsh and strong tobaccos and would have avoided a calabash
    pipe that provides a cooling effect to the tobacco. A modern literary Sherlock
    Holmes would embrace the steamroller pipe even though the water bubblers bear
    his name.
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