The Presidency of Donald Trump
  • He isn't a polished speaker, or an Academia, and he does say things which aren't
    perfect and get him in trouble, but in many ways he's like many Americans who do
    the same things Cheapest Cigarettes In The
    . For far too long, "We the People" have been talked down to by our
    elected leaders - the same leaders who think they get to think for us once they
    get elected, the same leaders who pass laws for the "little people" while
    getting something better for themselves, the same leaders who weaponize
    government for their own personal gains or vendettas. I think President Trump is
    Patriotic and pro-American. Campaigns Elections "Muslim Americans for Trump"by
    Susie Lehto2 years ago Donald Trump bold conservative message seems to be
    powerful enough, that he is swinging support from voters that don normally hold
    Republican views. Republican Party Presidential Materialby Grace Marguerite
    Williams23 months ago Why would Donald Trump be THE BEST candidate for president
    in America? What qualities will Mr. Trump which is virtually identical at 43%
    :And that really not so bad for Mr. Trump who is. 42Politics Political Science
    Is THIS One of the Examples of Trump Obstruction of Justice"?by My Esoteric2
    weeks ago There can be know doubt that the Trump Jr. meeting with various
    Russians connected with Putin was collusion. It is not important that the those
    on the Russian side ended up only talking about influencing Donald Trump to.
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