Why do people smoke
  • Smoking has become a kind of culture, has many meaning, there is a positive
    meaning, more backward. It is a kind of human character and inner explicit
    manner, and also a kind of identity and self prove exaggerated way. We will be
    addicted to smoking, but also because of fatigue and smoking, but also because
    of thinking and smoking. We will also pretend to become deep in smoking, because
    highlight the cow force and smoking, because we want to prove ourselves are very
    bad with smoking Carton Of Cigarettes
    , because we want to show we are really rich to smoke Marlboro gold
    cigarettes, because we will smoke cheaper cigarettes for own when there is no
    one around us. Smoking is a kind of freedom, the essence of which is that we
    have the freedom to hurt our body and image. This principle is more applicable
    to women, they also have the right to smoke free, more to highlight their own
    charm and force of the cattle, of course, they also have the freedom to ignore
    the same eyes. Smoking is not a long time, no one can speak clearly Marlboro Cigarette Types, and many people
    think anyone who addicted to smoking is not a good man Brands Of Cigarettes, smoking woman is
    not a good woman, even in the civilized society and such a bias, but smokers and
    non-smokers, a victim of secondhand smoke have view of his belly, but at least
    most people now form a consensus on some issues, such as smoking is free, but it
    can't hurt other people, so a ban on smoking in public places, of course, it
    will have smoking for the smokers. Tobacco is a necessity for some people, and
    it is a taste for some people, for some man is a thinking tool, a drug for some
    people and also a communicative activities for some people, for some people is
    awesome badge, for some people is a cosmetic charm. In short, he is a complex,
    is a deception of others Marlboro Menthol
    , to deceive their poison. It seemed to give Marlboro red cigarettes
    under the definition, although it has so many useful, but it is only a
    cigarette, is a form of cheating tools, either recover from fatigue, or use
    their brains, or loading force, or increase the charm, and communication
    products, which are a kind of external performance, rather than by the inside of
    the highlight. Believe that know the truth, in addition to the addiction, many
    people will choose to leave the cigarette, the surface of things is not we want
    to pursue, besides the cost at the expense of the body. Cigarettes are misty
    illusions, erode your body, in exchange for the illusion, you can be drunk on
    the spur of the moment, but can not always end his life, could not be more and
    will the unreal as real Organic
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