City considers improvements to water treatment plant
  • The city of Ashland is considering an estimated $2.5 million improvement
    plan to its water treatment plant that would be carried out in one or
    two phases.

    A presentation was made to the Ashland Board of Commissioners on Thursday by GRW,DTPMP a Louisville based engineering, architecture, and geospatial organization.

    “In the Spring GRW was retained to perform the water treatment plant's
    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and field
    instrumentation needs assessment,” said City Manager Mike Graese.

    In September, GRW provided a brief overview of the needs assessment at a
    Board of Commissioners meeting which included three SCADA upgrade

    At Thursday’s meeting GRW provided a more detailed SCADA explanation and
    cost estimate, field instrument upgrades and cost estimate, and other
    water treatment plant needs with approximate cost estimates.

    The presentation recommended a two-part upgrade plan for the city's
    water treatment plant with each part costing approximately $1.25

    Part one, SCADA System Improvements, would include improvements to the
    SCADA: a system of software, hardware, and miles of wiring that allows
    the water treatment plant to control the treatment process locally,
    monitor real-time data, record events, trouble-shoot plant data, and
    directly interact with devices.

    The existing SCADA system can no longer be maintained economically and
    needs to be expanded to provide more data and control functionality,
    according to GRW's report.

    Part two, Field Instrument Upgrades, would include instrument upgrades
    and other maintenance needs. This includes replacing 1972 filter valves
    and actuators, installing VFD's for service pumps, and replacing filter
    effluent flow tubes.

    The final portion of the needs assessment from GRW identified other
    water treatment plant needs whose primary purpose is to reduce
    disinfection by-products and maintain required system chlorine

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