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    Following a new ranking of Suzhou as the most ‘liveable’ city in
    mainland China, staff and students from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool
    University commented on what life is like in the city.To get more Suzhou City news, you can visit shine news official website.

    In The Global Liveability Index 2018, a report by The Economist
    Intelligence Unit, Suzhou was ranked the 74th most liveable city in the
    world and the most liveable in mainland China ahead of Beijing (#75) and
    Shanghai (#81).“Since coming to Suzhou I’ve never looked back,” said
    Shaun Gibson from the UK, who is studying Chinese at XJTLU. “I visited
    cities all over China and I chose to live in Suzhou because it’s clean,
    peaceful, and not at all like what people might typically think of
    Chinese cities.”

    Fang Yuan, a Year Three undergraduate student at XJTLU studying English
    and Communication studies, said: “Suzhou has been considered a great
    place to live for centuries.

    “There’s even an ancient Chinese saying about it: 'Shang you tiantang,
    xia you Su Hang', which roughly translates as: above there’s heaven, on
    earth there’s Suzhou and Hangzhou. The two cities have for a long time
    been considered by the Chinese as heavenly places to live.”Vice
    President for Academic Affairs Professor David Goodman commented that
    Suzhou’s safe streets, healthy climate and food produce, high standards
    of living and good public services make it an excellent place to live.

    “In both the old town of Suzhou and in new development areas like the
    Suzhou Industrial Park [where XJTLU is located] the local government has
    taken great pains to ensure the liveability of Suzhou,” he said.

    Dr Chia-Lin Chen from the Department of Urban Planning and Design at XJTLU explained more:

    “Suzhou Industrial Park, established in 1994 through a partnership
    between the Singapore and Chinese governments, is an exemplary model of
    town planning in China,” she said.“The most advanced ideas about urban
    planning have been implemented here over the past two decades, catering
    effectively to the needs of residents to improve their quality of life,”
    said Dr Chen.

    City liveability rankings published in the Economist report were
    calculated based on stability, healthcare, culture & environment,
    education, and infrastructure, with Suzhou scoring highly in all

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