‘Smart city’
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    Jing’an is home to the Shanghai Data Exchange, China’s leading big data
    center that hands an average 30 million pieces of data every day.
    Jing’an has become an “experimental district” to spearhead Shanghai’s
    smart city comprehensive plan.To get more Jingan District news, you can visit shine news official website.

    In January, Amazon’s Web Services subsidiary brought new blood to the
    “smart city,” cooperating with the district government to build
    Shanghai-Amazon AWS United Innovation Center in Shibei High Technology
    Park, where the data exchange is located.

    The center will include a center where the latest technologies will be
    trialed before being applied to the “smart city” plan. It will also help
    foster professionals in big data and set up international incubators in

    In March, Linfen Road subdistrict offered a real-life prototype of a “smart city.”

    It built tens of thousands of digital sensors — in restaurant kitchens
    for smoke detection, in sewers to monitor manhole-cover theft and in the
    beds of the elderly to track their vital signs.

    Sensors automatically upload data to an analytics platform. Alerts will be triggered if “abnormal figures” appear.

    “Many small retailers and restaurants don’t use electricity properly,”
    said Yu Linwei, a subdistrict official. “Several times, smoke sensors
    have alerted us to potential risks, and we were able to intervene before
    the situation escalated to fire. There are so many problems, like
    people living on high floors throwing trash off their balconies, drivers
    parking cars in banned areas and elderly people who live alone and
    suffer medical problems.”

    The safety of seniors living alone — especially the 100 elderly who are
    80 year or older — has been a major concern in the subdistrict. Sensors
    have been installed in their complex, including one at a gate to ensure
    that they are back home safely and one in their living rooms to detect
    movement. A third sensor is installed under their beds to monitor vital
    signs and record how many times they wake up every night.

    Seniors suffering from dementia are equipped with Bluetooth bracelets
    that connect with community sensors to alert officials if they get
    lost.This pioneer project is expected to be expanded to all of Jing’an
    in the near future.

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