Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit | Preview
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    voopoo vape has seen
    great success with the Drag range from the much coveted original Drag to
    the Drag 2 and Drag Mini. A lot of that success was not only derived
    from the unique styling of the Drag but the impressive performance of
    the GENE chip.

    The Drag Nano pod brings with it the GENE.POD chip, only previously seen
    in Voopoo’s other pod device the Finic Fish.So what’s unique about this
    chip? Well, Voopoo claims it not only controls the output but has a
    super fast fire speed with it’s ‘Cold Boot Mode.’Rincoe

    The Drag Nano pod features an internal 750mAh battery, claimed to last
    350 puffs. It has 0.5A charging and can re-charge within one hour.The
    device keeps the same unique styling of the Drag mods with resin side
    panels and really does look like a shrunk down version. There’s also the
    ability to attach the included chain necklace to the device and wear it
    around your neck.

    The pods for the Drag Nano slot into the top of the device and are your
    traditional style and shape.They contain a 1.8ohn coil, have a
    side-filling plug but only hold a maximum of 1ml of juice.The Drag Nano
    Pod Kit is currently available in 7 colors – Klein Blue, Tidal, Ceylon
    Yellow, Fiesta, Ink, Aurora, and Nebulas Blue.There’s not too much too
    excited about here. It just seems Smok are up to their usual marketing
    antics of re-hashing devices with one new feature.

    And I’m not really sure a password-protecting feature is something that
    people are going to use, I know I wouldn’t. But I guess it has its
    merits from a safety perspective.

    Also, the use of antibacterial medical cotton in the new coils sounds a
    bit suspicious to me. I’m sure it will have no benefit on your vape
    experience, and I’m sure in time you’ll hear others more experienced
    than me to comment on the that.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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