VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit Review
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    Dragomania continues – after the new flagship and his youngest, and as it turned out, nevertheless, vaporesso vape
    by the middle brother, the smallest member of the family appeared.
    True, he is a representative of a completely different segment – AIO
    devices. Well, let’s get acquainted.

    Naturally, our guest profile resembles the legendary first version of
    the most un-fashioned boxing mod manufacturer. The same sawed corners,
    the same brick form factor, the same sharp edges — in one word, a full,
    but reduced, copy of the forefather.

    The release colors of the user’s case have not yet been spoiled, but
    plastic inserts have drunk a decent amount. Of course, what a drag and
    without resin panels. The cartridge is fixed by a magnetic connector,Vape Wholesale
    its capacity is quite small. It seems to me that the shape it resembles
    cartridges Juul. Therefore, the manufacturer may have tried to play on
    this, so that users (mostly Western) could use them in tandem with their
    new product. It will refuel from the side.

    The main body fit in itself, probably decent for such dimensions in
    capacity built-in battery. It will be charged through the connector at
    the bottom of the case, while the full charge cycle will last about an
    hour and a half.

    The device escaped the fire button – the device is activated by
    tightening. But on board there is a tiny LED indicator. In addition, on
    one of the corners can be seen the bracket for strap fastening. And the
    bundle will include a “pretentious” chain for precisely these purposes,
    which, by the way, will gradually tear off the lacquerine from this

    The price is about $ 40, of course, every seller has its own policy for
    such a rampant product, therefore I will not call this price tag
    adequate. We need to wait until the HYIP settles. The approximate level,
    I think, will be in the range from 25 to 30. u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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