Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit Review
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    vaporesso vape is
    an intuitive all in one pod vape device that implements amazing
    features; The Aurora is vapeable with the flick to open action, whilst
    each pod has a push to fill system for convenience.

    Vaporesso Aurora Play
    integrates a Zippo and vape pod system that offers you mini size with
    comfortable hold feeling. Simple vaping by opening the cap to Aurora
    Play Vape Starter Kits while cap is also away it from dust. It is
    powered by Vaporesso OMNI Board Mini which will provide regulated
    heating for stable flavors and multiple protections designed to safeguad
    the device.

    The Vaporesso Aurora Play is a sleek and comfortable all in one System
    that definitely sets itself as a polished device with it's smooth inhale
    and satisfying exhale.

    So how about the Vaporesso Renova Zero Vape Kit? Design-wise, the Zero
    Pod System is made from zinc alloy and there's a 650mAh battery that
    should allow for long vape times and is made with a micro USB port that
    utilizes a fast charging system that completes the process within 45

    The Renova Zero Pod Kit is made with a proprietary chip board that
    allows it to detect the e-liquid’s temperature and control output so
    that it delivers maximum flavor. You’ll never get a burnt hit from this
    vape system. The Renova Zero Kit does feature an on/off button on the
    back, which is something that isn't seen on most pod devices today.


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