User Reviews for Exemestane to treat Breast Cancer
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    User Reviews for Exemestane to treat Breast Cancer

    in June 2018 Stage 2 BC. Started chemo, stopped after 12th treatment,
    cancer was getting bigger. Bilateral mastectomy in Dec '18, then 30
    rounds of radiation in 2019. April 2019 had full hysterectomy. I was
    getting the Zolodex shot since Jan'19 and began taking exemestane in
    February '19 . After the hysterectomy, I really started to notice the
    side effects. By June my body was aching all over. Knees, back, hands.
    Headaches occasionally. Weight gain horrendous. From April to June
    gained 15 pounds and I this was with exercising 2x a day and watching
    everything I eat. I've started a medication holiday, been off for one
    week. I'm starting to feel so much better. Lost 2 pounds already. I see
    my OC next month (July'19). I had ER/PR BC so I'm nervous about not
    taking anything but my quality of life on this daily pill is atrocious."exemestane dosage

    on this exemestane 2 years. Had really bad foot pain the beginning. Had
    a hysterectomy. Have hot flashes. Not sure if it's from med. Also had
    numbness in hands and pain. It causes me to be very tired as well. I did
    start working out and it has helped a ton. No more feet pain, or hand
    pain. I am not good at taking it every day. I also take breaks when I
    get to the point where I can't function anymore because I'm so tired. I
    have gained 20 pounds on this med. I'm able to maintain now with keto
    and crossfit. But still can't seem to get back to my body I had 3 yrs

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