Roll Forming Machine
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    Roll Forming Machine

    Composed of manual decoiler, transmission roll table, culvert profile roll forming machine, stop transverse punching, servo longitudinal punching, cutting, output rack, hydraulic system, electric control system.silo forming machine
    Put steel coil onto decoiler, side guide, roll forming, transverse punching, longitudinal servo punching, cutting, output
    The incoming sheet: max 1200mm wide x 1.8-3.3mm thick, yield strength ≤300MPa
    u Roll forming speed: max 15m/min
    u Number of forming stations:20
    u Power of main motor: 45KW
    u Machine structure: portal stands, gearboxes transmission
    u Power of hydraulic station: 15KW with energy accumulator
    Hydraulic systematic pressure: 25Mpa
    u Material of rollers: CGr15 bearing steel with hardening treatment.
    u Material of roller shafts: 45# steel finely machined with hardening & tempering treatment. Shaft diameter: φ140mm
    u Holes punching: stop the machine and punch all the holes on the same transverse line by one punching mould, in longitudinal direction each time servo punch one hole.
    u Cutting: after roll forming by blade moulds( cutting before forming is optional)
    u Material of punching moulds, cutting blades: Cr12MoV hardening treatment.
    u Electric control system: computer, PLC, frequency control.

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