Encore casino a real threat to NH charitable gaming
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    Encore casino a real threat to NH charitable gaming

    Seabrook Park’s new owners believe there’s an opportunity for success
    with casino gaming in New Hampshire, the reality is much dimmer.
    (“Casino company places bet in New Hampshire.”) The opening of Encore
    Boston Harbor in Everett, a mere 30-minute drive from the Massachusetts -
    N.H. State Line is already leading to a demise in the gaming industry
    in N.H. and may be the beginning of the end of the industry, which
    employs many people. To start, many of the best and brightest working in
    N.H.’s charitable casinos and poker rooms left for the better
    opportunity and better pay of Encore. Customers are leaving, too. The
    N.H. Legislature is extremely weak and their pandering to special
    interests has led to a situation in which regulatory burden makes the
    gaming industry in N.H. noncompetitive. Customers are going to Encore
    because it’s a better offering, and the casinos and poker rooms in N.H.
    can’t offer anything close to it because of regulation.casino software

    which I have played across N.H. and even internationally, is suffering
    due to the regulatory burden. In N.H., poker tournaments are forced to
    take 20% of buy-in money as a rake. The casinos then must give 10% of
    the rake to the State as a tax and 35% to charity. On top of that, they
    can’t run a tournament with buy-ins over $250, allow the total
    re-entries by a player to exceed $250, and must get every tournament
    structure approved by the State regulators. Meanwhile, other poker rooms
    can run tournaments with larger buy-ins that attract larger crowds
    because of big prize pools. N.H. also lacks any transparency laws to
    require public reporting of poker results, which causes serious players
    to lose out on ranking and recognition for their wins in N.H.

    make money off table games like roulette or blackjack because they have
    an edge over the player. For example, in roulette there are 38 spots a
    ball can land in, the numbers 1-36, zero, and double-zero. When a person
    wins, the casino pays them 35-to-1. That means the casino has a 5.26%
    advantage. The more someone bets, the more they should theoretically
    lose due to the house’s edge. By having bets limited to $10 in N.H.,
    while Encore is letting people bet as much as $5,000 or even more in
    their high-limit gaming area, N.H. forces the most profitable customers
    to the casino to leave the State. That means the charities in N.H. that
    rely on charitable gaming get less money.

    The decline in customer
    numbers is already evident at the cash poker tables in N.H. poker rooms.
    Customer volume is down in some locations by more than 50% as the
    regular customers have moved their business to the very well-appointed
    poker room at Encore Boston Harbor. Those players also earn comps
    towards food and get beverages, alcoholic and soft, complimentary while
    playing at Encore. If the customers and the money continue to flow out
    of N.H., eventually some of the casinos will have to cut back on
    staffing or even close down.

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