FIFA 20 Will Be Missing A Big Team
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    FIFA 20 Will Be Missing A Big Team

    PES has struck again. Buy FIFA 20 Coins Online
    will be missing a major European team when it releases in September via
    the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. More specifically, it will
    be missing Juventus, the Italian team with the world's most famous
    player: Cristiano Ronaldo. Why will the team be missing from this year's
    installment? Because of PES 2020, which has obtained exclusive rights
    for the European team.

    So, what does this mean? Well, it means the
    team name, its kits, and its stadiums won't be in the game. Rather,
    Juventus will simply be referred to as Piemonte Calcio in the game, and
    have generic kits and a generic stadium. That said, the players will
    still be the same, and there will still be facescans and all that jazz
    as well. There just won't be the kits, stadium, or names of either team.
    It's a pretty big blow to FIFA. Juventus is not only one of the biggest
    teams in Europe, but is the big team in Italy. In fact, Juventus may
    have the most talented squad in Europe alongside Real Madrid. So, it's a
    big scoop for PES 2020, who presumably offered more money for the
    licensing rights of The Old Lady.
    As you will know, PES has similar
    deals with Manchester United and Bayern Munich, two other huge clubs in
    England and Germany, respectively. However, those licensing deals aren't
    nearly as as exhaustive. Both team names are in the game, for example.

    career mode players, this is especially disappointing. Not only does it
    sound like there will be minimal improvements to the aging mode, but
    now it will be less realistic. Further, playing as Juventus won't be a
    very great experience.

    Interestingly, after the announcement of
    losing the Juventus license, EA's stock plummeted 825 million dollars.
    That's a lot of money to lose, but may simply be a market reaction. In
    other words, it should bounce back.

    FIFA 20 will be available on
    PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch when it launches on September 27.
    For more news, media, and information on the game, be sure to peep all
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