New FIFA 20 Trailer Showcases Gameplay Improvements
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    New FIFA 20 Trailer Showcases Gameplay Improvements

    fifa 20 coins for sale new showcase feature is its small-side Volta mode, but developer EA Vancouver assures fans that it is also working on gameplay aspects for the latest installment of the series. Today's new trailer showcases some of what we can expect on this front.

    While none of the features in the trailer above are new in the sense that they've never been included in some form or another in previous iterations, if done right these gameplay aspects of FIFA 20 could improve the experience from last year.

    For example, A.I. defending in online games was seen as too strong in some situations last year, so improving the defensive A.I. in general for this year could fix that problem. Similarly, updated ball physics could positively impact everything from a player's first touch to shot outcomes.

    FIFA 20 comes out on September 27 for PC, Xbox One, and more fut coins Click Here

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