4 Common Sliding Glass Door Weaknesses and How to Secure Them
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    4 Common Sliding Glass Door Weaknesses and How to Secure Them

    you know that it takes less than one minute for an experienced burglar
    to break into a home? It’s true, and with nearly eight million property
    crimes in the United States in 2015, now’s as good a time as any to
    review your home security plan.glass door lock

    if you’ve already taken pains to reinforce or lock your front door and
    windows, your home could still be vulnerable—especially if you have a
    sliding glass door. These kinds of doors are often left unsecured,
    making them a favorite target for burglars. Here’s a look at four common
    weaknesses that make sliding glass doors easy targets—and what you can
    do to keep them secure.
    1. They have simple latches.

    Even if
    you’re good about locking your sliding glass doors, that may not be
    enough to deter an experienced thief. Most built-in sliding door locks
    are really more like simple latches, and would-be burglars can easily
    bypass them just by jiggling the door a bit.
    Given how weak the
    inbuilt latches on most sliding doors are, adding an extra lock is a
    good way to reinforce security. This heavy-duty lock from Prime-Line is
    made of hardened steel and can be installed at the top or bottom of your
    sliding glass door. The setup will require a few tools, but the
    reliable loop structure will make it tough for any burglar to jimmy the
    door open once the lock is installed.

    This lock is designed to
    prevent unwanted guests from jiggling a door loose. It bolts onto the
    sliding glass door, and the moveable pin locks into a base plate on the
    frame. It’s easy to install, and the keyed element provides a bit of
    extra protection—just make sure you know where the key is in the event
    that you need to make a quick exit.

    Whether they’re installed in
    the back or on the side of a home, sliding glass doors tend to be fairly
    concealed. This means fewer prying eyes, which gives thieves the
    opportunity to enter unnoticed.While not a substitute for a lock or
    security bar, this GE alarm can quickly let you know if your door has
    been breached. In comparison with some other alarms, this model is
    extremely easy to set up, and it has a couple of alarm options that can
    be played when triggered. The sound of the alarm alone may be enough to
    scare off a burglar, and even if it’s not, you can reach out to the
    authorities as soon as you hear it go off.

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