Towelkinis are the bizarre beach accessory no one asked for
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    Towelkinis are the bizarre beach accessory no one asked for If you're still getting over denim swimsuits, brace yourself. There's another wacky poolside style in town, and it might just make you laugh out loud. Allow us to introduce the Towelkini, aka the hilariously genius beach accessory looking to make a splash this summer.If you've ever wished for an all-in-one accessory to help you lighten your beach-bag load, the Towelkini attempts to serve as a towel and an outfit in one.Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Towel "Towelkini by Aria McManus melds the two essentials for all things beach, no need to carry a cumbersome towel and an easy to lose swimsuit – here they come as one, materialized as ideal," the product description reads. Conceptual designer Aria McManus is the mind behind this bizarre style, which she first introduced to the world last summer.If you're a bit confused by the Towelkini, you're not alone. It claims to replace the need for a swimsuit, but there's one little problem: The back is totally exposed! It does, however seem like a fun alternative to a cover up. And it would be pretty convenient to have a towel attached right to your body so you can plop right down and take in some rays in comfort.The Towelkini is made of 100% cotton and leaves your legs exposed so you can stay cool in the sun. And it comes in two summer-ready colors: hot pink and athletic gold.

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