How to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders
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    Having your smartphone hacked kind of feels like someone robbed your
    house — or maybe even worse. It’s a massive invasion of privacy, a
    violation of your personal space, and it may take a while to figure out
    what is missing. Your smartphone doesn’t just hold your valuables; it
    signals to intruders which of your valuables are the most important to
    you. If something is on the phone you always have with you, then by
    definition, it rates.

    Smartphones are small devices that can easily get lost or stolen,
    and they are constantly online sending and receiving signals, so they
    are always a target for criminals. To keep your phone and its contents
    away from prying eyes and sticky fingers, you need to develop a strategy
    for protecting your valuable information. Here are some tips on how to
    protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders.

    Software companies are constantly updating software, and not only
    for cosmetic reasons. Many software updates and bug fixes contain
    security improvements that help guard your smartphone against data
    breaches and intrusions, and close off vulnerabilities, making it harder
    for hackers to break through. When an update is announced for your
    smartphone’s operating system or for any of the apps you use, install it
    without delay.

    By now, everyone should know about the dangers of using open Wi-Fi
    for anything, because free public Wi-Fi in shopping centers, cafes,
    airports, or any other public venue, is open season for all kinds of
    online mischief. Try to use only your private cell connection whenever
    possible and switch off Wi-Fi on your mobile phone altogether whenever
    you are in a public place. If that is not possible, consider using a VPN
    app, a utility that tunnels network communications through an encrypted
    connection. But choose carefully — not all VPNs are equal in quality.
    Also consider disabling Bluetooth while you’re out and about, unless you
    are wearing a smartwatch that requires it.

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