Nootropic Powder Semax ACTH (4-7) for Brain Immune
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    Nootropic Powder Semax ACTH (4-7) for Brain Immune

    Semax powder
    is what's called a synthetic heptapeptide, meaning that it's a chain of 7
    amino acids as a single molecule. Interestingly enough, the semax
    molecule mirrors a fragment of adrenocorticotropic hormone, which is
    released in the pituitary gland of humans in response to environmental

    It was originally developed in Moscow, Russia as a treatment mostly for
    neurological-related disorders, such as poor memory, depression, ADHD,
    and post-stroke treatment.

    Additionally, Semax can be used as an immune-system booster or as a treatment for peptic ulcers, strangely enough.

    Semax can also be used off-label as a nootropic, with many properties that make it quite suitable for regular use.

    Benefits of Semax:

    In between the 2 - 3 decades since semax was synthesized and tested,
    there have been numerous studies on animals and humans to see the
    benefits of the drug. One of the primary benefits of semax is as a
    cognitive enhancer. One 2 day study of power plant workers tested semax
    and memory formation. The 1 mg dose 1 hour prior to the exam showed a
    drastic increase in correct responses.

    The mechanism for improving cognitive function relates to brain
    chemicals like BDNF and NGF. Semax can increase BDNF and NGF by 8 and 5
    times the baseline. Numerous other studies have confirmed the increase
    in BDNF, which acts as a type of fertilizer for the brain to develop new
    neurological connections.

    Another way semax improves cognitive abilities is through the increase
    of alpha brain wave states. EEG studies show semax can increase alpha
    brain waves in patients, but also can prevent negative EEG changes
    during stressful situations (hyperventilation).

    The benefits for alpha brain waves may also help support positive mood
    enhancement and reducing anxiety. Semax benefits include reducing
    symptoms of stress and depression. The Journal of Psychophysiology
    published a study on the sedative effects of semax on those who were
    suffering from mental illness. Part of these benefits may come from an
    increase in serotonin turnover, which is traditionally done with SSRIs.

    Finally, an interesting but not incredibly well-researched benefit of
    semax is as for stimulant potentiation. Studies show that semax in
    combination with stimulants (such as amphetamine) could increase the
    dopamine release from the drug. One study showed an increase of activity
    from 182% (just the amphetamine) versus 261% (amphetamine and semax).

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