Prevent Facebook from finding out everything about you: make use of a VPN connection
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    Prevent Facebook from finding out everything about you: make use of a VPN connection
    Facebook is immensely popular. In August 2016, Facebook had an estimate of 1.71 billion users. When creating an account, you dutifully fill out your name, address, date of birth and other information. But do you realize that Facebook knows much more about you than just the data you gave them?

    What Facebook knows about you
    Facebook accurately keeps track of the pages you have liked and what you’ve shared. From this, Facebook can learn what your interests are, what you like, what you like to do. But even when you are logged out, Facebook follows you. After all, Facebook places cookies on your PC, smartphone or tablet. These cookies collect information about your surfing behavior on the web. When you are looking for a certain product that you want to buy, and you visit multiple websites about this product, Facebook will know.

    What happens with this information?
    The information that Facebook has collected about you is used for targeted advertisements on your Facebook page. Advertising is for Facebook the biggest source of income, and this is why this social medium can offer its services for free to its users. So do not be surprised when you suddenly see ads about cars on your Facebook page, if you have surfed on car websites a lot lately.

    How to remain a step ahead of Facebook
    What Facebook does (and Google too, by the way), is fully legal. The only way to avoid that websites collect so much data about you, is by going online “underground”. The use of a VPN, which stands for virtual private network, is the ideal way to protect your privacy. A VPN connection makes use of the existing Internet connections, but the data you send is encrypted. Even if a hacker can intercept the submitted data, he won’t be able to understand the encoded information. Because a VPN connection hides your true Internet address (the so-called IP address), your identity remains unknown. Even the geographical location where you are, can not be traced. So you can browse as many websites as you want, Facebook can not collect information about your surfing behavior.

    Other advantages of a VPN connection
    Because people do not know your location when you use a VPN connection, you can pretend to be from another country. This has its advantages when you want to visit websites of which the content is not fully available in your country. With a VPN connection you can thus watch the full American offer of Netflix online, which is normally only possible in the United States. Also read: Lift a geographical block with a VPN services.

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