This Spice Company Sells the Rarest Sichuan Chili Peppers Directly From China
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    I love spicy foods. When I cook, friends often tell me to tone it down.
    Instead, I just make it spicier and amusingly await their reaction.
    There is something addictive about the combination of pleasure and the
    sharp tingle of spice on your tongue. Even the recent heatwave we had in
    Los Angeles didn’t stop me from eating spicy foods. In my appreciation
    for spice, I'm happy to report that LA-based sauce brand Fly By Jing is
    offering fans of Sichuan cuisine a chance to get their hands on actual
    peppers from the motherland.To get more news about china chili, you can visit shine news official website.

    For those unfamiliar with these special peppers, they originate from the
    Sichuan province in southwestern China. Not particularly spicy on their
    own, they create an all at once numbing and tingling feeling on the
    tongue when consumed. Then when combined with chili peppers it creates
    the “numb-spicy” sensation that we’ve come to associate with Sichuan

    In celebration of Sichuan culinary culture, Fly By Jing wants to bring
    the authentic Eastern experience to your doorstep. August was the annual
    pepper harvest and each year they almost sell out immediately.
    Thankfully, Fly By Jing snagged a few for you pepper-philes. The first
    pepper is called the Harvest Tribute Pepper, which is an ancient Chinese
    spice that has been cultivated in the Sichuan province for thousands of
    years. It’s known for that electric sensation I previously mentioned.
    The second pepper is called the Harvest Erjingtiao Chili. It is the most
    popular variety of chili in Sichuan and has a mild kick accompanied by
    an intense aroma. Both are now available online.

    For those who lean more towards the “ready-made” side of options, Fly By
    Jing offers two different sauces. Each are all natural, MSG-free,
    gluten free and vegan friendly. The Sichuan Chili Crisp is their
    flagship sauce, made with erjingtao chiles, harvest peppers, and
    cold-pressed rapeseed oil. It’s not overly spicy and has an intense
    flavor that’s apparently so good it can even be paired with ice cream.
    Their next sauce is the Zhong Dumpling Sauce, slow-brewed with fragrant
    chili-oil, aromatic “fu zhi” soy sauce, brown sugar, mushrooms, garlic,
    and other spices. This sauce has a variety of uses as well, particularly
    for noodles, grilled fish and of course, dumplings. So If you’re
    looking to spice up your life with some traditional Sichuan flavors, Fly
    By Jing got the sauce.
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