Wilber Pan shares struggle with neurological disorder
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    Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan recently updated his fans about his health
    condition, and revealed that doctors have diagnosed him with
    dysautonomia.To get more news about wilber pan, you can visit shine news official website.

    The singer took to Instagram to share his health situation with his
    fans, saying that he has been feeling ill since the Lunar New Year break
    in February, when he was recording his new album in the United States.

    "Every day I wake up feeling numb from head to toe, my fingers all
    tingling. I experienced difficulties in breathing and felt dizzy. I also
    had high blood pressure," he said, adding that it felt like his heart
    was gone.

    "I thought it was a heart attack or a stroke. At the time, all I thought
    was I might not see my parents again, and that I should return to
    Taiwan. And since I didn't know what was going on with my body, I even
    entertained the idea of cancelling my tour," he said.

    However, Wilber said he refrained himself from doing so since his fans
    have waited for his concert for a long time. He admitted that he even
    thought he was going to pass out at an event in Shanghai, but used all
    his might not to show signs of illness in front of his fans.

    It was back in March that he went back to Taiwan and got himself
    admitted into a hospital, where Wilber said he met doctors who told him
    that he has dysautonomia - a nerve condition that could affect the
    functioning of the heart, bladder, intestines, sweat glands, pupils, and
    blood vessels.

    "They give me some medicine to control my condition and I can finally return to my normal everyday life," he said.

    He also thanked a lot of people in the post, including his friend Jason
    and his fans for their encouragement, saying, "Without you, I might have
    really given up. I dare not say my body is 100 percent recovered, but
    my state of mind is 100 percent ready."
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