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    Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA) was founded in 2006
    by a group of passionate educators with a mission to develop students
    with bilingual capability, who are well-versed in both Eastern and
    Western culture. The new BIBA Guiyang Campus, a private international
    bilingual school, is located near Guiyang, also known as the “Forest
    City,” in the southwest province of Guizhou, China. The suburban campus
    is just northwest of Guiyang, in a new high-tech development area
    surrounded by lush green mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the
    city.teaching jobs in China international school

    Guiyang enjoys four seasons with cool winters and moderate summers. As
    the commercial center of the region, the city has shopping centers that
    include locations of most major domestic and international retail
    chains. It is also a major growth city for industries in computing and
    big data, such as Foxconn, Microsoft, Huawei, Hyundai Motor, Tencent,
    Qualcomm, and Alibaba.

    BIBA currently offers day and boarding to 130 K–Grade 10 students.
    Beside the Chinese National Curriculum, the school provides a choice of
    programs: the U.S. Common Core along with a selection of Advanced
    Placement courses and the International General Certificate of Secondary

    Through its House system, BIBA creates an interconnected community of
    all ages, which facilitates strong relationships. Upon entry, all
    students, teachers, and staff are assigned to a House at random
    (although siblings are always assigned to the same House), which makes
    each House a well-rounded microcosm of a dynamic global community. Each
    House has its own motto, inspired by one of five Confucian principles.
    All-school events, such as Sports Day, provide all the Houses with the
    opportunity to compete with one another.

    Twice a year, students can choose from a rich array of after-school
    programs conducted in both English and Chinese. Offerings include
    science experiments, chess, dancing, choir, band, and cooking class.

    BIBA is interested in hiring certified singles and teaching couples,
    including those with a non-teaching spouse. The Chinese government
    mandates that teachers possess a minimum of a BA degree from one of the
    following native English-speaking countries: U.S.A., U.K., Canada,
    Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. BIBA will consider exceptional,
    newly-certified teachers with two years’ experience in subject areas.
    Certified teachers under the age of 58 may obtain a work visa.

    The salary and benefits package includes a moving and settling-in
    allowance, annual roundtrip airfare, and an apartment commensurate to
    family size. Teachers who wish to secure their own apartment will be
    provided with an equivalent housing stipend. All teachers’ children
    receive full tuition and their first uniform for free. The school offers
    internal and external professional development opportunities for staff.
    International health insurance, with the employee paying a percentage,
    is covered, and school lunch is subsidized for employees. There are
    local employment opportunities for non-teaching partners. A BIBA package
    allows for some great savings or the chance for a family of four to
    live on one salary.

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