Expats in Hangzhou get Good Neighbour awards
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    Two long-stay expats living in the Chinese city of Hangzhou have been
    given Good Neighbour awards for their service to the community.Expats community hangzhou

    One of the traditional highlights of the annual Hangzhou Neighbour
    Festival is the giving of Good Neighbour awards to residents who’ve made
    significant contributions to their local community. This year, two
    foreigners were voted the awards for the first time by local residents.

    Australian hotelier Pater Zaunmayr arrived in China 15 years ago and has
    lived in Hangzhou’s Xixi community for three years. He works at the
    foreign-owned Oakwood Residence as its general manager whilst giving his
    spare time and expertise to the district he loves.

    From participating in the local English Corner, set up for Chinese to
    practice the English language, through delivering traditional mooncakes
    to older and sick residents during the Autumn Festival and fundraising
    to help a local migrant child with leukaemia, he’s there when he’s
    needed. Local residents were more than willing to elect him for the
    annual award.

    Qi Zhonghao, the second incomer to receive the award, is a
    German-Chinese woman living in Hangzhou’s Dongxin district. Born in
    China, she emigrated to Germany and lived there for some 10 years before
    returning to the city of her birth. She is fluent in German, English
    and Chinese, as well as in the local Hangzhou dialect, and is loved in
    the local community for her ability to get things done.

    Qi gives her services to all who need help in the 2,000-strong community
    near the city’s International School. The district is home to 500
    expats, many of whom need help with adjusting to their new environment
    and culture. She’s happy to mediate with neighbours on behalf of expats,
    and is active in local theatrical performances and other cultural
    events. Her goal, she says, is to show expats the beauty of Chinese
    culture and introduce the best of Western culture to the district’s
    Chinese residents.

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