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    So you've made the awesome decision to break into the hair extensions
    business. Go you! As you enter this exciting industry, one thing should
    be on the top of your list: Finding a good HAIR VENDOR.Hair vendors

    The market for virgin hair is undoubtedly hot right now, so it's a great
    time to find success of your own in this high-grossing industry. PR
    Newswire reports that the hair extension and wig industry will grow to a
    whopping $10 billion by 2023. Given that it's a growing marketplace,
    market saturation is a concern. In order to compete and win, a great
    hair supplier is a must!

    Now that you've settled on your business idea, you may be wondering
    where to start. There are all sorts of fun things to think about, like
    your logo and theme, product photos and your blog. But your first order
    of business is the most important: sourcing high-quality virgin hair.
    Choosing a reliable hair vendor and developing a long term relationship
    can make the difference between a business that flops and one that
    succeeds. Which do you want to be?

    Of course, you want your hair extensions business to bring in those
    hard-earned dollars and make you a success story with a business that
    makes you feel proud. Choose high-quality hair from a good vendor, and
    you put yourself in a position to achieve all your goals and make a nice
    living. Not only that, going with the right vendor can save you tons of
    trouble (think unhappy clients and bad reviews) down the road. No doubt
    you want to hit the ground running and make the right choice the first

    Many newbies to the industry fall into traps that are easy to avoid. You
    definitely don't want to get bamboozled by a bad vendor with
    low-quality hair. To be clear, there are MANY out there. Not to scare
    you, but you should be a bit wary about getting duped. You have to
    choose carefully.

    Never fear — we're here to help you make the right choice. Armed with a
    little knowledge, you can find the best wholesale vendor for virgin

    Many people start out sourcing hair on AliExpress since they offer low
    minimum orders. But there are unfortunately lots of bad vendors mixed
    with the good. There are so many hair suppliers there, and that makes it
    hard to figure out which vendor is the best for you. The key here is to
    have a plan and not get overwhelmed. AliExpress isn't your only option.
    Do a Google search, bookmark your favorites, and read reviews if
    they're available.

    Pay attention to the quality of the information on the seller's website.
    If they seem very knowledgeable, they have clearly invested more time
    into perfecting their business. It shows they take hair seriously. The
    best wholesale virgin hair bundles come from suppliers who know what
    they're talking about, not just websites with celebrity pictures and
    little else.

    One tip for weeding out low-quality sellers is to use targeted search
    terms. Search for something industry specific, like "BEST BRAZILIAN HAIR
    VENDORS", for example. This will cut the search results down to a list
    of professional suppliers who know industry terms. From there, your job
    is to contact each supplier and ask questions. Where is the hair from?
    Do they manufacture it themselves? If they say something that sounds too
    good to be true at a bargain price, that’s a red flag.

    You need to trust your vendor, and you should feel confident when you
    place an order. Shoot them an email or get them on the phone. The latter
    may not always be possible if you're dealing with a company on the
    other side of the world. But if they speak English and are willing to
    chat by phone, Skype or video chat is a good option.

    You can learn a lot by how timely, personable, and willing to work with a
    new, growing business each vendor is pretty quickly after a few emails.
    Your business has unique needs to consider. You should also get a sense
    of lead time once you email a few of the vendors on your shortlist.

    Trust your gut. If you see any red flags like non-responsive sellers,
    shoddy websites, or vendors who promise more than seems possible, you
    may have to move on to someone else even if the prices are good. It can
    save you a lot of trouble down the line. You don't need the headache of
    missed orders, or not getting the items or quality you selected.

    Don't take a gamble by choosing the cheapest vendor. You need to be
    focused on sourcing high-quality hair, not finding the seller with
    lowest price. Anyone can do that, but you need to be a cut above the
    rest to make your business succeed.

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