Top 5 Vendors in the Global Hair Dryer Market from 2017-2021
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    Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent
    global hair dryer market report until 2021. This research report also
    lists 24 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market
    during the forecast period.Hair factory
    research study by Technavio on the global hair dryer market for
    2017-2021 provides a detailed industry analysis based on the end-users
    (professional and individual), products (corded and cordless), price
    range (mass, mid-range, premium, and ultra-premium), and geography (the
    Americas, Europe, APAC, and MEA).

    “The global hair dryer market is projected to grow to nearly USD 17
    billion by 2021, at a CAGR of close to 5% over the forecast period.
    Changing demographics and the growing trend of personal grooming are the
    key factors boosting the market growth,” says Poonam Saini, a lead
    analyst at Technavio for consumer services and personal care research.
    global hair dryer market is highly competitive with the presence of a
    few major and many small- and mid-sized vendors. The major players
    include Conair, Dyson, Panasonic, Koninklijke Philips, and TESCOM. These
    players are very competitive in terms of their product offerings. In
    2016, these five major vendors contributed almost 30% to the global

    Dyson and Koninklijke Philips are European MNCs based in the UK and
    the Netherlands, respectively. Conair is based in the US, and Panasonic
    and TESCOM are based in Japan. The market presence of these companies
    signifies that these, except TESCOM, have significant market share
    across all regions. TESCOM’s largest revenue share for hair dryers comes
    from APAC.
    Top five vendors in the global hair dryer market
    develops, manufactures, and markets personal grooming, bath and spa,
    hair care, health and wellness, garment and home care, oral care, and
    travel products. The company serves customers through its online
    retailers and online stores in the US, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil.

    Dyson designs and manufactures lighting products, fans and heaters,
    hand dryers, and vacuum cleaners. It markets and sells its products
    through retailers in the UK and globally. The company sells its products
    in more than 65 countries worldwide.
    Koninklijke Philips
    Philips engages in the healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and lighting
    businesses worldwide. Globally, it is one of the leading manufacturers
    of personal care appliances, including hair dryers. The company has
    positioned itself as a manufacturer of superior quality hair dryers.
    manufactures and distributes electronic and electrical products in
    Japan and worldwide. The company provides various business solutions
    such as communication solutions, security systems, professional AV,
    document and imaging solutions, IT solutions, terminal solutions, and
    recording media.
    TESCOM offers beauty and personal care
    appliances, including hair care and skin care appliances. Its commercial
    use brand Nobby has been a top seller among hair care professionals.

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