Even VPN encryption has its limits
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    In a recent column you made the following statement: “The safest thing
    to do is to use a virtual private network, which encrypts ALL traffic
    between you and all websites.”

    VPN encryption may not have the reach that you are stating. A VPN can
    only encrypt the transmission between the client and the service
    provider. The communication between the VPN service provider and the
    destination of the transmission is likely to be unencrypted.unblock websites

    If the VPN service provider has an agreement with the destination it
    will be encrypted, but it is unlikely that Facebook or any other large
    web presence is establishing these VPN connections, primarily because
    they would not be able to provide the throughput necessary for the
    expected traffic to their sites through a VPN.

    VPNs are perfect for protecting people on public Wi-Fi from the other
    folks that are on that Wi-Fi. But they do not provide end-to-end

    A: You’re absolutely right. Using a VPN does two things. First, it
    encrypts the transmissions between your computer and the VPN’s servers.
    Secondly, it masks your IP address.

    The transmissions between the VPN server and the third-party site are not encrypted unless the third-party site supports that.

    So yes, there is still some exposure. But it is only with respect to the
    actual content of your message if it is intercepted between the VPN
    server and the third-party site. Unless you provide identifying
    information in the message it can’t be tracked back to you.

    The bottom line: Be aware of where you are and what you’re transmitting.
    If you’re using public Wi-Fi for virtually anything, I recommend using a
    VPN. Many sensitive sites — such as banks — don’t, however, allow
    connections over a VPN. So in such cases I recommend not making such
    connections over public Wi-Fi.When comes to the issue of online privacy
    and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is

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