Life after lockdown: has China really beaten coronavirus?
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    According to official statistics, China has defeated the coronavirus.
    Over the last five days, health authorities have reported only one new
    locally transmitted case of Covid-19 – a patient in Guangdong province
    infected by someone travelling from abroad. In Wuhan, the centre of the
    outbreak and the country’s worst-hit area, officials on Monday reported a
    fifth day without new cases.To get more news about shanghai coronavirus, you can visit shine news official website.

    The figures are a sharp drop from just a month ago when recording a
    daily increase of fewer than 2,000 new infections was a milestone.
    Authorities have begun easing Wuhan’s two-month lockdown while cities
    across the country are following orders to “fully restore” production
    and resume normal life.

    But as the country returns to work, residents and analysts doubt the
    near-zero community transmission rate, worrying that leaders have
    prioritised restarting the economy over decisively containing the virus.
    While public health experts, as well as citizens, say the situation in
    China has improved dramatically – the result of aggressive testing,
    quarantines and social distancing – many doubt the numbers are as good
    as officials have reported.

    I am really worried that there are still many asymptomatic infected
    people inside Wuhan. As soon as everyone goes back to work, everyone
    will be infected,” said Wang, 26, who lives in the city. Another
    resident added: “I don’t believe [the numbers]. This epidemic will not
    disappear so easily.”

    “Any rational person would doubt these figures,” one internet user
    wrote in response to an essay posted by a volunteer in Wuhan questioning
    the statistics.

    According to a report on Monday by RTHK, Hong Kong’s public
    broadcaster, residents said hospitals in Wuhan had refused to test
    patients who showed symptoms. Kyodo News in Japan reported at the
    weekend that a local doctor said the number of cases had been
    manipulated before President Xi Jinping’s visit earlier this month,
    prompting the beginning of “a mass release of infected patients”.

    Allegations of new infections in Wuhan have persisted on social
    media to such an extent that authorities issued a detailed statement
    over the weekend debunking them.

    Some of the concerns about China’s reporting stem from how Beijing
    classifies patients. While the World Health Organization and South Korea
    consider anyone who has tested positive for the virus as a confirmed
    case, China does not include asymptomatic infections in its final tally.

    Late on Monday night, Wuhan’s health commission published a Q&A
    explaining how asymptomatic cases are dealt with. On why such cases are
    not included as confirmed cases, the commission said that patients were
    quarantined for 14 days and if they began to show symptoms they would be
    designated as confirmed and that data would be published.

    “A small number of asymptomatic infections may progress to becoming
    confirmed cases, but the vast majority [of patients] will heal by
    themselves,” it said.

    Critics also question why recovered patients who retest as positive
    are not counted. Data from quarantine centres in Wuhan showed that the
    possibility of recovered patients testing positive again was between 5%
    and 10%, according to the state-run Global Times. Officials in Hubei
    have said those patients would not be recorded as new confirmed cases
    because they had been counted previously.

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