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    On June 29, the Supreme Court announced its long-awaited ruling on Seila
    Law LLC v. CFPB, determining by a 5-4 decision that the Consumer
    Financial Protection Bureau's leadership structure was unconstitutional.
    Hudson Cook Partner Lucy Morris, chair of the firm's Government
    Investigations, Examinations and Enforcement practice group and a former
    CFPB deputy enforcement director, commented for SubPrime Auto Finance
    News on what the ruling may mean for past CFPB actions and the future of
    the agency.To get more auto finance news, you can visit shine news official website.

    "The CFPB dodged a bullet and remains in business, but it's unclear what
    today's ruling means for past CFPB actions," said Lucy. "Can these
    simply be ratified by the director, who now operates at the pleasure of
    the president? Today's decision answers the threshold Constitutional
    issue, while leaving many questions unanswered."

    Lucy counsels financial institutions and others in complying with
    federal consumer financial laws and prohibitions against unfair,
    deceptive, or abusive trade practices. She is an experienced advocate
    and litigator, representing clients in government investigations,
    examinations, and enforcement actions before federal and state agencies,
    including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade
    Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, and state AG offices.

    For further analysis on the ruling, Lucy and Partners Allen Denson and
    Mark Rooney will present a 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, July 1 at
    12:30 pm. Register for the webinar.Hudson Cook, LLP, provides articles,
    webinars and other content on its website from time to time provided
    both by attorneys with Hudson Cook, LLP, and by other outside authors,
    for information purposes only. Hudson Cook, LLP, does not warrant the
    accuracy or completeness of the content, and has no duty to correct or
    update information contained on its website. The views and opinions
    contained in the content provided on the Hudson Cook, LLP, website do
    not constitute the views and opinion of the firm. Such content does not
    constitute legal advice from such authors or from Hudson Cook, LLP. For
    legal advice on a matter, one should seek the advice of counsel.

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