RBI announces another 'Operation Twist’ to raise money
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    Indian government bond yields dropped sharply in morning trade after the
    RBI announced the special open market operations worth 200 billion
    rupees ($2.69 billion) to rein in the sharp rise in yields in recent

      The RBI simultaneously buys longer-end bonds from the market while
    selling shorter-dated treasury bills of the same quantum, similar to the
    Federal Reserve-style ‘Operation Twist’.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

      The government has been a massive borrower from the domestic bond
    market to fund its coronavirus pandemic-related spending amid a fall in
    revenues due to weak demand in the economy.

      The RBI said it would buy 200 billion rupees of bonds while also
    selling an equivalent amount of treasury bills through two tranches in
    two special open market operations on Aug. 27 and Sept. 3.


    Bond yields have risen in eight out of the last nine trading sessions,
    rising 22 bps in just the last two sessions to Monday. On Tuesday, the
    benchmark 10-year bond yield dropped as much as 9 bps after the special
    OMO announcement.

      “They (RBI) came because all other auctions could have failed,” said
    Murthy Nagarajan, head of fixed income at Tata Asset Management.

      “There is a disconnect. RBI intervention was expected when 10-year was
    at 5.90%-6.0%, they did not come in, which led to this problem. RBI
    will need to do two more ‘Operation Twist’ for the market to settle
    down,” he added.

      Bond market sentiment had turned bearish after the RBI kept rates on
    hold on August 6, with future rate cut bets further dampened after the
    hawkish minutes of the meeting released last week.

      Traders expect the 10-year bond yield to move in a 6.05% to 6.30% range during the week.

      The partially convertible rupee was trading at 74.38 per dollar compared with its close of 74.31 on Monday.

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