WoW Classic's First Big Content Update
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    WoW Classic's First Big Content Update

    Now that players have had a month and a half to get used to World of Warcraft as it was in late 2004, it’s time to scootch forward to early 2005. Today’s first major update to World of Warcraft Classic adds the three-part Dire Maul dungeon, filed with Ogres, elves, and assorted evil.To get more news about wow classic buy gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    Dire Maul was an epic undertaking back in the day, crafted as a challenge for players from level 55 right on up to the original level 60 cap. While the East Wing of the dungeon was open to all, Dire Maul West and North required keys, lockpicks, or explosives to explore. This is the dungeon where players would journey to earn class-based trinkets with special stat enhancements or to procure the mystical Orb of Deception, a magical item capable of transforming players into members of the opposite faction.

    And now it’s all of those things once more in World of Warcraft Classic. Along with all of that old dire content, today’s update also adds quests for epic Paladin and Warlock mounts, so expect players of those two classes to be even more insufferable for a bit.

    Best of all, the addition of Dire Maul to World of Warcraft Classic means the Alliance side can stop arguing about whether “DM” means Deadmines or Dire Maul in Westfall general chat. Or perhaps the arguing will only get stronger. We’ll see.

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