The 2nd “Antai Symphony” Summit Forum of SJTU Successfully Held
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    The 2nd “Antai Symphony” Summit Forum of SJTU Successfully Held

    Empowered by the clear trend, we open the door to the future with intelligent technology. On September 20, the 2nd “Antai Symphony” Summit Forum of SJTU was grandly held in ACEM (Antai College of Economics and Management), Xuhui Campus of SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University).To get more news about best university in china for mba, you can visit official website.

    Today's world is going through great changes unprecedented over the last hundred years, with both challenges and opportunities coexisting. To find new opportunities in the crisis and open up a new situation in the changes, the academic world and the industrial world need to explore new ideas and seek new development together. Traditional business schools need to break through the inherent circle and further strengthen the cooperation with industry leaders. In such a background of school-enterprise cooperation, this summit forum invited heavyweight industry leaders in the three major frontier fields: AI, new retail, and mega health, to share with everybody the new opportunities for industries to break through and the new exploration of business reform in the new development stage.

    Mao Jun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice president of SJTU, recommended in his speech that, to grasp the certainty of education in uncertainty and find new patterns of talent cultivation without ready-made models, schools and enterprises need to cooperate in depth: in terms of joint cultivation of talents, joint construction of disciplines and interactive development are needed, to fill the cognitive gap in theory and practice; in addition, they need to promote integration of production and education, and trigger the innovation and upgrade in important fields; finally, the key to maintaining long-term cooperation between schools and enterprises is to build a benign circulation system with mutual support: both students and enterprises have their harvest, with mutual benefits and win-win result.

    Chen Fangruo, the dean of ACEM, believed that this grand industry conference would become a brilliant event in the reform of ACEM. To construct a healthy, broad, and more energetic new business ecosystem, the crisscrossed channels should be broken through and the deadlock of separation between industries and academic circle should be broken, to form a new business ecosystem integrating theory with practice closely and allow both sides to influence and promote each other.

    Yang Jie, the secretary of the Party Committee of ACEM, looked into the prospect of further cooperation and development of academic circle and industries, hoping that future education technology can combine problem orientation with customer orientation, since the problems of customers are the demands in the industries.
    Liu Shaoxuan, the vice dean of ACEM, as the guest host of this event, emphasized that the Industry Community Class launched by ACEM last year broke through the barriers among disciplines, organizations, and industries, started a new situation of integration between industrial research and business reform, and was really a creative move. The new session of Industry Community Class focuses on the three major frontier fields, and will surely supply more excellent talents to those specialized, refined, unique and innovative industries and enterprises.

    Wang Xingpeng, the director general and the secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, brought up the concept of hospital quality evaluation based on big data and application of AI from the perspective of promoting high-quality development of municipal-level hospitals in Shanghai, in hope of exploring and building a multi-index integrated evaluation system that meets national standards, characteristics of industry and local management requirements, and fully shows the quality of hospital.

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