World of Warcraft players donate million dollars to doctors
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    The charity event, which Blizzard announced some time ago, ends in a
    deafening success: World of Warcraft players have already donated a
    million dollars to benefit Doctors Without Borders” and its fund to
    fight against COVID-19. The participants of the action met the deadline:
    the charity sale of combat pets for World of Warcraft ends on April 26.
    But now both of her goals have been achieved, and both pets, Bananchyk
    and Daisy, are unlocked.To get more news about buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    You can pick up Bananchik for free in the game store Blizzard. In the
    near future, there will be a second unique battle pet, Daisy: its
    peculiarity is that he can travel on the back of the character.More on
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    A week ago, the release of another major World of Warcraft
    supplement: Shadowlands took place. Its content will be gradually added
    and opened over the coming months and years. In particular, soon, on
    December 9, the first raid, Gothic “Nafria Castle” will be available.

    But Azeroths life moves according to its own calendar, and in
    December players will be able to take part in the most various events
    and festivals, including the celebration of the coming New Year. And
    what is waiting for us, Blizzard told in a special video.

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