The highest paying professions in WoW
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    There’s plenty of ways to make money in World of Warcraft, and
    Shadowlands is no exception. Almost all the professions in the game are
    sought after in one way or another, catering for raiding, dungeons,
    battlegrounds, and arena. To get more news about buy wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    If all you care about is gold, though, and making it as quickly and
    as effectively as possible, here’s a comprehensive guide to the highest
    paying professions in Shadowlands. Mining and Herbalism are two of the
    most valuable professions in WoW, offering essential resources. Ore and
    herbs can be sold in bulk on the auction house for a pretty penny,
    depending on your realm and the state of the market, but they can also
    be used together with other professions. Blacksmithing, Engineering, and
    Jewelcrafting are always in need of ore, while Alchemy, Inscription,
    and even Leatherworking require herbs.

    The gathering professions are also valuable when farming legacy
    content. Ore and herbs from previous expansions, like Elementium, Dark
    Iron, and Titanium ore for Mining, and Fadeleaf, Heartbloom, and
    Gromsblood for Herbalism, sell like hot cakes on the auction
    house.Alchemy, similar to the two main gathering professions, provides a
    stable income of gold in WoW. Raiders and avid dungeon-runners will
    always be on the lookout for flasks and potions. On raid nights
    especially, the profession can make bags of gold. Potions like Potion of
    the Spectral Agility, Intellect, Stamina, and Strength, and flasks like
    Spectral Flask of Power and Stamina, will always be in high demand. But
    oils, such as Embalmer’s Oil for healers and Shadowcore Oil for ranged
    DPS, are valuable too.

    Inscription is one of the most underrated professions in WoW,
    catering to all sorts of end-game content in Shadowlands. Contracts,
    which provide a boost of reputation to factions like The Ascended, The
    Undying Army, The Wild Hunt, and the Court of Harvesters every time you
    complete a world quest, Missives, an essential reagent when crafting
    Legendary items, and Darkmoon cards, which can be handed in for a
    powerful trinket, are all highly lucrative.

    Although new gear is hard to come by in Shadowlands, Enchanting is
    well-worth pursuing. The profession provides a steady income of gold,
    offering weapon, cloak, chest, bracer, glove, boot, and ring enchants.
    But disenchanting is where the profession comes into its own. When
    combined with Tailoring, Enchanting is especially profitable. Buying
    cloth from the auction house or gathering it in the open world, crafting
    cuffs or bracers, and disenchanting them is a powerful gold-making

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