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    Own molding/tooling room: we can make or modify the molding/tooling as per as customers' requirements.To get more news about metal stamping manufacturers, you can visit official website.

    The strict SOP: we make working instruction for Each product and each machine, all operation will complete exactly as the SOP

    The comprehensive QC: to control the best quality exactly as required,
    the QC run through the whole production flow, so the problems can be
    avoid at the first time.

    The quality raw material: all raw materials are purchased from reliable
    manufacturers, the material specification will be exactly as required,
    absolutely no adulterate.

    The suitable package: regarding to each products, we have different package to avoid any possible defects during the shipment.

    The regular training: to give the best service to all clients, we have a
    special room for inner training. The training cover various topics: QC,
    Production control, operation flow, service and more.

    Entertainment for Staffs: To let all staffs have a good rest after hard
    working, our boss always encourage us to do exercise, also organize many
    wonderful group travel, festival parties. With so kindly boss, all of
    us have great passion for work everyday

    For the fast results, when requesting a quote:

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