We Are One Composites Talks Advantages of Carbon MTB Rims
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    Given their often similar weights, why should I purchase carbon mountain
    bike rims instead of the less expensive aluminum ones? This is one of
    the primary questions we hoped to answer while chatting with Dustin
    Adams, CEO of We Are One Composites. The British Columbia factory
    currently makes five distinct carbon rims for varied disciplines, a
    unique sleeved carbon handlebar and alloy stem, and there’s a sleek new
    carbon full suspension frame in the works. Adams provided some clear
    answers to our carbon quandary and loads of other intriguing info about
    his Canada-made brand.To get more news about Carbon rims, you can visit zpebicycle.com official website.

    Adams’ path to Chief Executive Officer of a carbon fiber factory was
    like riding good singletrack; super rough with plenty of quick decisions
    to make, and the straightest line wasn’t always the fastest. After
    winning Canadian National Championships several times, and taking the
    top honors as the fastest North American downhiller, it’s safe to say he
    knows how to push gravity components to their limit. He had been racing
    downhill professionally for several years when he was struck by a car
    in 2003. After being hit Adams stopped riding bikes and fell into the
    deep, dark mental health chasm that often follows such an abrupt shift
    in ability and enjoyment. Mountain bikes and racing are who he is, and
    he lost that for a time.

    “In high school, we did career and personal planning where we had to
    develop a plan of what we wanted to do after school and my three options
    were all ‘professional mountain bike racer.’ I was told I couldn’t be
    that, and I failed the course. A number of years later I went back and
    kinda shoved it in the teacher’s face. I was a pro when I left high
    school but wasn’t getting paid. Then, eventually being paid, I kind of
    received my dream.” Adams rode for Giant through the early nineties on
    their US Factory team.

    During his break from bikes, Adams started a concrete company, then a
    successful custom-countertop business, eventually losing interest and
    selling off both to take an eight-month-long vacation in southeast Asia
    with his family. “During that trip, I figured that my duty was to get
    back into the cycling industry somehow. We made the decision to move
    from Kamloops to Squamish. I immersed myself in the riding community. It
    was pretty small at the time, but it was booming toward what it is now.
    It was a really healthy scene. I was able to just ride and do my thing,
    and fall back in love with it the way I wanted to.”

    “Then I stumbled across an ad on Facebook from an old customer of mine
    who was looking for a production manager. It was Nobl Wheels. I came to
    the conclusion that it wasn’t the best situation to take the job. I was
    better suited to buy into the company. So I became a partner at Nobl in
    late 2015. Then I started charging hard with them. I was in Asia,
    learning the ins and outs of the brands and products. In 2016 we had a
    disagreement on a few things. My focus was to become a manufacturer
    because that’s my background. I didn’t see a reason to keep pushing
    private label products, just putting a sticker on and doing very little
    R&D at the factory. I didn’t see that as being the way for
    longevity. We couldn’t come to an agreement […]. So In early 2017, I
    started up We Are One.”

    The company has been focused on 100% Canadian manufacturing since. Adams
    had seen the flaws in carbon production, quality, and the poor working
    conditions that accompany the faster and cheaper methods of carbon
    production, and he wanted to have control of the process to ensure We
    Are One rims come out dialed every time. Let’s dig into the details.

    The name We Are One stems from many angles. First, it is a play on
    carbon fiber being many layers and becoming one final part. Second, it
    was going to take a motto or name that was going to fuel my vision for a
    factory where all of our employees felt connected to the outcome.
    Thirdly, we wanted to be a more inclusive brand that was open to
    everyone and have everyone feel welcome and a part of what we do,
    through our products. So the name We Are One was born. Composites are
    our focus.

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