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    For a second consecutive year the riders of the French team Cofidis can
    count on Fulcrum’s support when racing at World Tour level this season.
    The team, headed by Elia Viviani and Guillame Martin, is extremely
    motivated and is gunning for victories with an even more competitive
    squad. Riders have matured and built upon experiences from last year,
    with additional signings Szymon Sajnok, Thomas Champion and Simon
    Geschke, they are now an even more powerful force. For 2021 there are
    also changes to the livery of the team’s De Rosa bikes as well new
    developments for their wheels. To get more news about mountain rims, you can visit official website.

    The riders of Cédric Vasseur’s team are currently deep in their winter
    training to prepare for the first official races of the new season.
    Fulcrum has supplied each rider with a set of aluminium Racing 4 DB or
    carbon Wind 40/55 DB for their training sessions, which over the course
    of the year will see these wheels cover about 30,000 km!
    Changes to
    the colours have not only been made to the team’s De Rosa bikes, but
    also to the graphics of their racing wheels. Fulcrum’s Speed 40/55 -
    Team LTD Edition line, reserved for the Cofidis World Tour riders,
    features a new livery that differs from the standard one available to
    buy and excels in terms of function and visibility, providing a perfect
    match with the team’s colours. 2021 will also see some changes as far as
    the time trial bikes are concerned because Cofidis has decided to use
    disc brakes when racing against the clock. For a perfect aerodynamic
    balance the team will use the DB version of the Speed 360 on the rear
    with the Wind 75 (the version with CULT bearings) on the front.

    In line with the #fulcrumfast tradition, next season’s races will become
    the test bench for our new products, through a constant exchange of
    feedback with the Cofidis team, which will be racing on some of the
    latest developments to come out of our R&D department.

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