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    During the Shimano Deore XT and SLX launch in 2019, we were told that
    Shimano were reducing the amount of mountain bike wheel sets they would
    produce with the 12-speed group sets. Shimano did state they would
    still make a couple of wheel sets where they thought they would offer
    something unique.To get more news about Mountain Wheels, you can visit official website.

    The Shimano WH-M8120 (let's call them XT Trail wheels) are just that -
    a rugged mountain bike wheel set that is a bit unique. The hubs use
    Shimano's new Deore XT hubs, 28 butted J-bend spokes per wheel, alloy
    nipples, and an asymmetric rim with a 30mm inner width. The rims come
    nicely taped and with valves fitted.What makes them unique is how
    serviceable they are, just about wherever your bike takes you. Each
    spoke is the same length, thanks to the difference in flange heights and
    the asymmetric rim profile. So the chances of getting a spare spoke
    around the world is just about guaranteed. And if you want to take some
    with you on a road trip, you only need to take one length.

    The hubs use cup and cone bearings. While some people avoid Shimano
    hubs for this reason, the benefits are pretty huge. You can service
    bearings more easily (compared to just replacing them) and with a couple
    of cone spanners, your hubs can be rebuilt almost anywhere. There's no
    need for a bearing press, bearing puller or drift, and the right size
    cartridge bearings.
    The welded alloy rim is under 20mm high, meaning
    it's not super harsh. But with a 30mm inner width the Shimano XT Trail
    wheels are designed to work with anything from 2.25" through to 2.5".
    2.6" is probably fine as well. If you need a narrower tyre you probably
    bought the wrong wheels.

    What's handy is the rim uses a normal process for putting the nipples
    in. While a solid inner wall is awesome for being airtight, it makes
    building the wheel or replacing spokes a nightmare! These Shimano wheels
    don't have that.

    These alloy wheels are availble in 27.5" and 29", and only have a
    Micro Spline freehub option. They use centrelock attachments for rotors,
    and Boost spacing for 110x15mm front and 148x12mm rear.

    Shimano's latest freehub tech runs pretty quietly, and these hubs
    have a 9 degree engagement as well, so even though they spin very
    freely, they let you get back on the gas very quickly as well. This is a
    bonus for technical climbs, accelerating out of corners, and even chain
    retention as the cassette doesn't rattle around so much.

    What the XT Trail wheels aren't designed to be is super light, the
    rear does come in at 1101g (confirmed) on our scales, while the front is
    950g. They are designed to be a dependable trail and all-mountain
    wheel, and you might have even seen that riders like Paul van der Ploeg
    used a set of these wheels at Trans NZ this year.

    If you're after something really light, you would still be best
    served to buy an XTR or Deore XT hub set and having your local builder
    lace them to a light rim of your choice. Where these fit is the reliable
    end of the market with a whole lot of performance - especially when you
    consider the set sells for $599.

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