Two Concerns Non-Negligible After Thanksgiving
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    It is reported that the US Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a
    meeting of its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory
    Committee on Dec. 10 to discuss the request for emergency use
    authorization of a Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. If nothing else, an
    approval would immediately allow the first Americans to get a vaccine on
    Dec. 11. Meanwhile, Moderna, another pharmaceutical company, will also
    receive approval and become available soon. Speculation on these
    positives will begin after Thanksgiving, which is a support to the weak
    DXY, gearing down its downtrend and sending a chance for it to bottom
    out. Since Americans will be the first to receive vaccines from the two
    drugmakers, the US economy may find the impetus to revive then.To get
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      In addition to the vaccination, there is another concern after the
    Thanksgiving holiday. The new leader of Angela Merkel's center-right
    Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will be decided in mid-January 2021.
    The party congress, which was originally scheduled for the next Thursday
    (Dec. 3), was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The party
    congress of the CDU was tasked with choosing a new party leader as the
    candidate for the next October election. Now that Chancellor Angela
    Merkel and her successor Kramper Kahlenbauer have both said they would
    not stand for re-election nor run for election, financial markets are
    focusing on the race between the CDU and the rapidly emerging far-right
    Alternative for Germany.
      Public discontent is growing due to the
    serious outbreak and the economic downturn in Germany. Financial markets
    are worried that the populist Alternative for Germany will take
    advantage of this situation and, if it defeats the CDU in next year's
    election and becomes the ruling party, it could become a significant
    “gray rhino” of 2021. Therefore, the CDU's party congress will be thrust
    into the spotlight ahead of Europe's financial markets.

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