‘Heat not burn’ product compared with cigarettes and e-cigarettes
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    ‘Heat not burn’ product compared with cigarettes and e-cigarettes

    Devices that supply nicotine without inhaling smoke can help smokers who cannot stop or do not want to stop using nicotine dramatically reduce their risk of smoking-related illness and death.To get more news about Hitaste P8, you can visit hitaste.net official website.

    However, in order for smokers to switch to these options, the product must provide what smokers expect. tobacco..

    A recent study by Queen Mary University of London evaluates the safety and efficacy of these products and focuses on IQOS, the most popular “heat-not-burn tobacco” product.Researchers compared Nicotine delivery IQOS User Ratings and Cigarette User Ratings Juul (US version of “pod” based e-cigarettes nicotine Content), and refillable e-cigarettes.

    IQOS provided less nicotine than cigarettes. It also supplied less nicotine than Juul and was less effective in reducing the urge to smoke. Compared to traditional refillable e-cigarettes, IQOS delivered nicotine faster, but received less favorable reviews.

    The study concludes that IQOS may be less effective than the US version of Juul when it comes to smoking cessation (the version sold in the UK delivers very little nicotine due to EU regulations. Therefore, it is unlikely to be useful). IQOS can be as effective as refillable e-cigarettes, but research participants preferred refillable e-cigarettes.Professor Peter Hajek, author of Queen Mary University of London, said: “IQOS may help smokers quit smoking, especially in countries like Japan where e-cigarettes are banned. Electronic Cigarette It is available and may continue to be a more popular option. ”

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