Kwikset Introduces Halo™ Touch Wi-Fi Smart Lock at CES 2020
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    Kwikset Introduces Halo™ Touch Wi-Fi Smart Lock at CES 2020

    Hardware & Home Improvement Division, adds to its family of Wi-Fi enabled Smart Locks with its latest addition, Halo™ Touch Wi-Fi Smart lock. Using the latest technology to create a convenient and secure smart home experience, Halo Touch Smart Lock provides homeowners access to their home via fingerprint. Kwikset is showcasing Halo Touch for the very first time, alongside its previously launched Halo Smart Locks, in its booth during CES, January 7-10 (#41142, CES Tech West | Sands Expo, Level 2 Halls A-D).To get more news about safe lock, you can visit official website.
    Halo Touch Smart Lock comes with the ability to program and store up to 100 fingerprints (50 users), ensuring all family and household members can access the home with one-touch fingerprint locking and unlocking. In addition, through the Kwikset app, homeowners can remotely monitor and control their Halo Touch Smart Locks from anywhere in the world while connected to the Internet. Like its predecessor, Halo, the brand’s first foray into Wi-Fi enabled smart locks, Halo Touch will connect directly to homeowners’ existing Wi-Fi network and smartphone to create a simple, secure smart home, without the need for a third-party hub, panel or subscription service.
    Building upon the technological advances with the original Halo Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Locks, Kwikset once again is at the forefront of security technology with Halo Touch,” says Ali Atash, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kwikset, Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. – Hardware & Home Improvement Division. “With the introduction of Halo Touch, Kwikset continues to reinforce our commitment to creating residential security solutions for our customers.”

    “Homeowners have many options for their home security needs,” says Atash. “With Halo Touch, we are providing consumers with the greatest in fingerprint unlocking technology while building on our industry expertise of Wi-Fi enabled smart locks.”

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