Blade & Soul: How to Avoid Resetting Mobs as a Warlock?
  • I keep resetting the bosses. I've always known there was a resetting bug on warlock but i thought that it had something to do with the 2 ability (Soul Shackle) so i just didn't use it during boss fights. I try to keep the bosses as close to where they spawn however it seems that the bosses keep resetting. So I'm looking for help. In addition if you need buy Blade & Soul gold,you can visit our website.

    Any ability that applies Brand can reset mobs that have approach skills, since they prevent their use. What happens is that when you're too far away from an enemy, they'll attempt to use a gapcloser (aka approach skill) to try and attack you and fail, which in a normal scenario means you're too far away or being blocked by something, which means they'll reset.

    1. Soul Shackles automatically applies Brand

    2. Escape (2) applies Brand AND creates a gap that almost always prompts them to use approach skills and reset

    3. SS can apply Brand if you spec it all the way down the right

    4. Dragon Helix can spec for Brand

    5. Tether Blade can spec for Brand

    6. Thrall's Gravity Well can spec for 'block approach skills' in its radius

    Generally what I do is stay within melee range of an enemy, use Soul Shackles to prevent them turning and attack from the back. For more information, please go to

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